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Access the data

Our Bots access the software / connect to the systems on which the data is stored. (SAP, id-Business, IBM AS400, Wordpress, Abacus, MS Office, Salesforce, Sage, Oracle, Azure, Crésus, Google, Internet, etc).

Collecting data

Our Bots launch queries to extract, name, save, historize, centralize in a structured way all the source files.

Checking the data

Our Bots scan the files 1 to 1, check the consistency of the data to include only the valid ones and report the problematic ones..

Aggregate data

Our Bots convert files from different formats (.txt / .xlsx / .csv / .pdf / ...), then aggregate and reconcile the data into a single unified and standardized database ready for use.

Adapting the data to the field

Our Bots enrich your databases with data from your organization so that they accurately reflect the reality in your field. Your information adapts as your operational changes.
I am happy to answer your questions.
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Patrick Marek

+41 79 403 93 38

Enter data

Our Bots enter previously structured databases into any form offline, online.

Update files

Our Bots load data and update your reporting files, your dashboards, your spreadsheets, your dynamic tables, your graphs, etc.

Automatic analyses

Our Bots can analyze small / big data (Data Mining, Machine Learning) for statistical and predictive purposes to, for example, identify variations in quantity, price, time, verify the compliance of customer portfolios, identify risk factors, etc.

Generate documents

Our Bots can also generate mass documents such as listings, schedules, graphs, etc.

Sequencing treatments

Some Bots can work during the day or at night without human intervention. We program them at the chosen frequencies, accompanied by controls and validation reports.
I am happy to answer your questions.
Do you have five minutes? Contact me now!
Patrick Marek

+41 79 403 93 38

What are Smart Bots?

Our Bots are NOT software.
Depending on the case, the Bot can take different forms. A computer program, a script, a macro, an algorithm, a series of instructions, a logical process or a flow chart, which can be run as many times as needed, with a click of the mouse.
50% of our Bots replicate what you already do (or should do) using your keyboard and mouse to get a certain result.
50% of our robots perform purely algorithmic processing (Data Preparation, Data Mining, Data Warehousing, Machine Learning, etc).
Any computer software can be controlled and any digital content can be processed by a Bot. Is it possible to get what you dream of using this method?
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Smart Bots

Automate your back-office
and your IT operations

  • "Thanks to AlphAssist, I save at least 5 hours a week."

    Laurent Nattier
    Head of Quality Assurance
  • "Alphassist provides us with elaborate and reliable Excel macros. They allow us to save precious time in updating our strategic production indicators."

    Vincent Mori
    Head of Logistics
    Calame SA (Patek Philippe)
  • "AlphAssist provided us with our essential KPIs in an incredibly short time!"

    Patrick Bays
    CEO a.i. - Swisscom Smartlife
  • “Thanks to a single Bot, Alphassist saved us hours of data entry during our migration project.”

    Nicolas Daldini
    Head of Property Management
  • "For the planning of our teams, the AlphAssist Bot frees up several hours each month."

    Co-founders et Managing Partners
    Sutter & Käppel Gastronomie
  • "I was delighted and lucky to have had the support of a very experienced specialist who always seeks the simplest solution in a very pragmatic approach."

    Senior Technical Product Manager
    Swisscom Smartlife

100 % success rate

of all our projects

+ 70 Bots

in operation

+ 400 hours

saved per month

Scale your business
by streamlining your operations

Our smart bots consolidate data from different systems in seconds. They capture, search, calculate, analyze, report, identify, propose, predict, generate and update your tools, your graphs, your tables, 365/7/24.

Aggregate data

Because of the multiplication of information sources and the lack of standardization of systems, you certainly have to process several extractions in Excel to get the data you need.

Leverage data

You must then enter this data into another spreadsheet or application to generate reports, graphs, check compliance, identify discrepancies, update indicators or management tools.

Our added value

For 20 years, we have been involved in the digital transition of complex industries, whose jargon, constraints and stakes we know well (see customer cases). We provide them with pragmatic, efficient and reliable "data engineering" & "data science" expertise.

Pragmatic Service

With the help of pre-built solution bricks and our business knowledge, you get your first robots in just a few days, then gradually free your team from IT chores.

We automate the existing

Enjoy an immediate return on investment. The quality of the information is exactly what you expect, manual errors are eliminated.
Hourly / daily rate
Remotly / on site
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We assist you

Take advantage of our expertise as YOU make the digital transition. We help you save resources while leveraging the data your business generates.
Customized subscription
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We support you

Wherever you are, our hyper-reactive maintenance service makes our reputation. The solutions we develop are flexible and scalable by design, adapted to the acceleration of change.
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We have been constantly improving the architecture of our solutions for 20 years. We combine technological bricks by privileging a low-tech and open source approach, a guarantee of agility, independence and reasonable technological consumption. This is our recipe to guarantee 100% success in all our projects.

Secure by Design, we make no compromises when it comes to protecting your data. If we work remotely, your data is only hosted on Swiss servers with the highest security standards.
Excel and VBA are present in 99% of companies. We often start by optimizing what you already do in Excel by developing functional prototypes very quickly.

Knime is an open-source software dedicated to data science. It allows to automate complete data processing pipelines by integrating the most sophisticated data analysis functionalities (Keras, Tensorflow, or H2O) or custom algorithms (Python).
A very promising open source RPA alternative, OpenRPA fulfils its function perfectly. when automating form entries, retrieving data from PDFs or exporting data from a web page (web scraping).
Flowable is a digital platform for business process and use case management solutions that connect users and automate systems, based on open source engines.
We are very proud to be part of the community of innovators. and test for our customers the brand new open-source development tools from the Finnish Robocorp built on the famous Robot Framework.
Use Cases

"Digital technology at the service of know-how and creativity"

Our network of partners exclusively based in Switzerland in the fields of data science and artificial intelligence, allows us to offer a high quality service, adapted to your project.
Patrick Marek
"The competition will no longer be measured by the level of technicality, but by the level of humanity, which will be engaged in a project."
Carine Andrey Marek
"Behind the big data, there are always real people. A great customer experience is what makes the difference."
  • Humans dream, their imagination creates a vision, which generates an intention, sets a goal, guides a strategy, coordinates techniques and exploits technologies.
  • So let the machine do what little it can do for us.
  • For a technology that is accessible, pragmatic, useful, individualized, invisible and sustainable.
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